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Day 31 Art journal challenge + Vision

Day 31 Art journal challenge + Vision

Day 31 of our Art journal challenge is to focus and hone in on a Vision you would like to create for yourself going forward. This is our last Art journal prompt together for the month, and on this page paint and share using watercolors (or any other art supply medium), what you wish to manifest for yourself in the days ahead. What would you include in your daily life that is currently not present? 


On my page I have a Travelers Factory airplane stamp for journeys I would like to take, swatches of our watercolors to continue painting and exploring, bits of greenery as reminders to immerse myself in nature and my garden, along with stickers of a journal to keep writing, and a traveler walking towards a doorway into the unknown representing the bravery and courage it takes to walk a new path, and try a new skill with a beginner’s mind. 

The other side of my journal page I dedicated to you the reader, and wrote a note with this message: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in this art journal challenge. Your love and support means the world to me.”


I am so incredibly proud of each and every journal page that has been shared, and for those who have participated quietly behind the scenes, many thanks as well. You collectively have created a beautiful series that has added joy and inspiration to the lives of many including my own. I will be posting a flip of my completed October art journal this weekend in my Instagram stories so that you may see how it all came together. 

This weekend a giveaway winner will also be announced as journal post entries are still being tagged by international participants from different time zones. The true reward and prize I hope that you have gained is a little more insight into your unique personality, and creative process. To witness how in as little as 5 minutes a day you can do an analogue activity to help unwind, nourish your inner being, and stimulate your creative curiosity.

I created these prompts out of the desire to encourage everyone to welcome the benefits of mindful journaling and watercolor painting because so many people were leaving me comments on Instagram about wanting to use our watercolors but not knowing where to begin. Choosing to volunteer and donate my time, energy and efforts in posting daily content has taught me so much about myself, and I am also proud at having come a long way for an introverted artist in writing and sharing everyday for a month.

If you have enjoyed this Art journal series please do me a favor and leave me a comment here on this blog or on Instagram. Your feedback is vital in letting me know if there is interest in me offering beginning watercolor, journaling and meditative prompts in the future or not. Without your support, likes, and comments I would not be here and this blog wouldn’t have existed, so thank you for the encouragement and love. 

On this Halloween evening I wish you joy, serenity and peace. May you continue to be curious about yourself and your creativity no matter how it manifests for you. Emotional expression is important, as is you taking the time to honor your spirit and boundaries. Take care of yourselves friends. I will continue to blog here with ideas and studio shares and if there is enough of a positive response more watercolor journaling prompts. 

Sending much love with a heart full of gratitude for allowing me the space to connect with you for the month of October. It has been a happy Birthday month for me, and your Art journal shares have been a daily gift that keeps giving.