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Day 18 Art journal challenge + Cool hues

Day 18 Art journal challenge + Cool hues

We have explored the warmer side of our watercolor palette and art supplies already, so for today let’s delve in the cooler hues of our creative materials for our Day 18 Art journal challenge.

In our studio garden there is a large hydrangea bush that produces flowers in several different color variations, all the flowers shown in the photo below were clipped from just one singular plant. As inspiration for color mixing in the cooler tones I have taken our Delphinium Blue watercolor and combined it with various other paints from our studio to produce a unique blue spectrum.

Find and explore the leafy and watery range of colors in your own art materials. Cool toned hues are any that have blue as a base, and in nature there are certain shades of red, orange, grey and even black that have cool undertones. Get creative in how you compose this journal prompt. If you are not using watercolor paints you may collage paper ephemera, or even use textiles.

These short and simple prompts are meant to take you no more than 5 minutes to complete, so feel free to use what you have around you. The practice of self care by engaging with our creative minds and intentions daily is what leads to our inner confidence and gives our spirit some free play to explore. 

Share your journal pages with me on Instagram using the hashtag #wildthorneoctober so that I and others might see and admire your work. Remember that this also qualifies you for entry to our giveaway at the end of the month.

Keep adding to your positive aspects page, this is the energy and focus that inspires us all. Have a great start to your weekend.