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Day 29 + Art journal challenge + Moving and Scraping paint

Day 29 + Art journal challenge + Moving and Scraping paint


We are nearing the end of our Art Journal challenge and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has participated. No matter how many prompts you completed I appreciate your kind posts, shares, and warm feedback in regards to this series.


For our 29th day project let’s practice moving and scraping paint with our watercolors to create textural effects. Here I have painted our Vert Pale in swatches above and by using both my palette knife and the end handle of my watercolor brush I have scraped the paint once dried to create the appearance of leaf veins and a patch of grass. Because my scrape lines are more delicate and faint I purposely scraped a larger swatch so you can see what this looks like.
You can use this effect beautifully when watercolor painting grass, leaves, hair, or trees. It’s almost like carving into your watercolors.

Please share your results and tag them #wildthorneoctober so that I may I see your Art journal pages and comment. This also qualifies you for entry to our giveaway on the 31st for a palette of our watercolors and stationery supplies. Continue to add to your positive aspects page daily. 


Footnote: An international customer had asked me about the Nourish exercise which was our Day 26 challenge, so I combined these prompts on one page, and re-photographed it here for all to see. I represented in stamps and watercolors some of the things that replenish my spirit when I am tired or stressed. Reading and journaling, watercolor painting, a bowl of soup, a comfy chair, and artisan chocolate all help to restore my mood and equilibrium in today’s busy world.