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Day 22 Art journal challenge + Cairn stacks

Day 22 Art journal challenge + Cairn stacks


Day 22 of our Wildthorne Art journal challenge is to paint a Cairn stack. I woke up this morning feeling very humble and grateful for all the abundance in my life: a loving family, friends, being close to nature, a thriving garden, and the ability to work at doing what I love everyday. 


This manifested into a visual and symbolic representation of different elements on the page that I painted as a watercolor Cairn stack to show the strength of blessings and well-being when acknowledged in our lives.

Choose a series of watercolors or custom blend your own and paint a pebble or rock Cairn stack of various sizes and shapes. You can also sketch these or create them from words. Be creative and represent the things that you appreciate in your life on the page, they can be literal drawings or paintings as well. 

Share your art by tagging it #wildthorneoctober on Instagram so that I may see your own versions in your journals. Cairn stacks have been attributed to a multitude of different cultures in history, but they are currently recognized as signifiers on hiking trails in nature here in our parks. What would your Cairn pebble stack represent as a marker for where you are in your life? What are the elements that it would be built from?