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Day 21 Art journal challenge + Concentric circles

Day 21 Art journal challenge + Concentric circles

Circles and spirals appear beautifully in nature. For Day 21 let’s practice a little bit more color mixing in a fun project that has us working wet into wet with our watercolors. 

With a dampened brush dip it into your wet watercolors and then begin to paint concentric circles in layers to experiment with color mixing and blending. Choose anywhere between 3 or more different colors to get the widest range of effects. I like to start with the lightest shade in my palette first and then slowly work in darker hues. Above you can see different examples painted with our Ocean Sediment, Field Sunset and Nisene Wildflower watercolors. 

I’ve painted one concentric circle in a series at the bottom of the page above so that you may view what the progression can look like. Add in some sparkle on top and shimmer if you’d like while your paints are still wet for a more varied effect.  

You can practice this prompt directly in your art journal or on a  separate piece of paper where you can later on cut out your circle and paste it into your notebook. These also make pretty gift tags for the loved ones in your life (they remind me of agate slices), and with the holidays coming up this is a fun exercise to do with children as well.
Don’t get too caught up in perfection or having your rings be perfectly formed. This beginner series was created and designed to help you gain confidence in connecting with your own personal creative force. Each journal prompt is to take you no more than 5 minutes to complete, so that even the busiest of us can still manage to carve out a little bit of time spent in self care everyday. I believe that individual expression is necessary for a heathy inner relationship and I personally like to nurture these pathways through art and the serene beauty and flow in natural watercolors.
Please remember to tag your posts on Instagram #wildthorneoctober so that you are qualified for entry to our giveaway at the end of the month of art and stationery supplies. I also enjoy admiring the many varied art journals and reshare them in our IG stories so that everyone else can see them as well.
In the evening add a small notation to your positive aspects page. Have you noticed a shift in your thinking since you’ve been doing this daily?