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Day 2 Art journal challenge - Create an October page

Day 2 Art journal challenge - Create an October page

Since I posted yesterday’s introduction to our art journal challenge and giveaway in the evening I shared today’s exercise in advance. Here is where we delve deeper. 

Create a journal page dedicated to the month of October. The first blank page of a notebook can be intimidating for some. Most people don’t know where to begin and are hesitant to make a mark. I have shared this feeling in the past, and I normally just skip this page and go to an interior one as perhaps I haven’t fully committed to what style or function I want my notebook to be yet. Keeping this in mind the Day 2 project for our art journaling prompt is to make a page look like October to you. I have chosen to add a minimal bullet journal calendar with watercolor swatches, as I like having the structure of seeing dates, but also the joy of adding in pops of color. 

 Make your own October page and decorate it how you wish, I have provided loose ideas and guidelines for those who struggle knowing what to do. These exercises are meant to be fun, creative and simple. To be completed in 5 minutes or less. That being said you can absolutely take more time and embellish the page as much as you’d like.

 Use whatever art supplies you have on hand, make your October page invoke all the feelings and sensations of the month. Are you still stuck on what to draw or paint? Look around you to what is currently in bloom in nature. At this moment the poison oak on the hillsides is a vibrant crimson, the cottonwood leaves are turning yellow and my pale pink cottage roses are flowering.

If you are not comfortable sketching realistically then create swatches of Autumn colors and add in text or phrases. Use this as an opportunity to practice lettering if you’d like. Or use fall themed stickers and washi tape and greenery, the combinations are endless, open and free.

 Thank you to everyone who has left a kind comment here on the blog, or in comments on Instagram. For some reason I can’t comment back on blog comments but I read them all and value them. I truly appreciate your kind support in joining in. Already photos and posts are being shared on Instagram and please remember to tag your art on Instagram with #wildthorneoctober as this counts as your entry for our giveaway as well. 

My goal is to connect people through art and the freedom of creative expression. To gently acknowledge that our hands, minds and hearts are capable of so much more than just typing or tapping. You enliven the world through your expression, and your voice and viewpoint is valued and deserves to be perceived and acknowledged.