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Day 15 Art journal challenge + Paint a song or piece of music

Day 15 Art journal challenge + Paint a song or piece of music

Music can be a comfort to the soul so for today’s art journal challenge for Wildthorne October paint a song or decorate a page inspired by your favorite piece of music. 

One of my favorite songs is: “I’m Old Fashioned” sung by Ella Fitzergald, and the lyric I had in mind was this excerpt:

“I’m old fashioned
I love the moonlight
I love the old fashioned things...”

Keeping moonlight in mind I wrote these lyrics down on my page and incorporated a watercolor Moon that I painted in our Sakura Petal palette colors. I also added in a small spray of flowers with washi tape and some geometric stickers. 

Being a fan of process it is more important that you feel motivated to create everyday, and so these journal spread challenges can be as simple as collaging together elements, painting simple watercolor washes and writing, or adding in decorative elements. These art journal exercises are meant to take you no more than 5 minutes to complete as the true benefit of creating with your hands offline in an analog activity is a form of self care. 

Please remember to tag you posts #wildthorneoctober on Instagram so that you are qualified to enter our giveaway of art supplies including our handcrafted watercolors at the end of the month. Adding to your positive aspects page daily should also be a short but sweet activity that encourages gratitude and reflection. 

I am excited to see the music that moves you.