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Day 10 Art journal challenge - Color Mixing

Day 10 Art journal challenge - Color Mixing

Day 10 of our Wildthorne October Art journal challenge is a foray into color mixing. Select two or more shades and mix them together in various amounts to produce new hues. Experiment to see if you can create the lightest of tints to the deepest saturation of tones possible with your watercolors.


Feel free to choose a wide variety of shades and if you’d like study a color chart online and play with color opposites and also complimentary hues.


Please remember to tag your posts #wildthorneoctober so that I may see and feature them in our story highlights on Instagram. This qualifies you for entry into our watercolor giveaway at the end of the month. Also, keep adding to your positive aspects pages daily.


I look forward to seeing your results and lovely rainbows of color.