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There are moments when I purposely set my intentions on feeling the energy of wind and sea. I love to travel to the shore before a storm to observe the pattern of the waves and to experience the velocity of wind against my skin.

After the storm, the world felt fresh and new, and I was eager to explore the traces of what the elements had left behind. 


Life is so fleeting, and you are a unique soul here walking this Earth at a specific time. Schedule a quiet creative artist date with yourself or make it a family event by taking a walk outdoors. Gather the beauty around you in nature and bring it home to create a specimen page in your notebook that honors not only Autumn but this season of life that you are now in.

Notice intently the colors, shapes, and textures around you. Carefully curate your items in a way that they create a narrative that is individual to you. Perhaps you will choose bright red berries that are exuberant, or maybe the serenity of muted earth tones. Dark foliage invokes strength, and airy flowers are light-hearted and free. 

Using the plant materials on hand (by taking only what you need), draw or sketch your foraged material on the page. You can also eco-print with leaves by painting them with watercolors or acrylics and “stamping” them directly in your journal. 

When finished feel free to embellish and add washi tape, and snippets of your original inspiration of leaves and flowers on the page. Write a brief specimen label noting the date and your observations. This becomes a lovely keepsake to be admired in future years.