RESERVE for Kruthika + Custom Mineral watercolors


RESERVE for Kruthika + Custom Mineral watercolors

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  * This listing is reserved for a special customer. Please do not purchase unless you are Kruthika.   As per our conversations:   1 x Voyager palette    thank you! xo!           ::...Read more


* This listing is reserved for a special customer. Please do not purchase unless you are Kruthika.


As per our conversations:


1 x Voyager palette 


thank you!







:: Voyager ::


The Voyager palette was composed as an idea of a vessel boat traversing varying seas during the soul’s transit through water in myth. While contemplating what is needed to heal the soul during our lifetime, the simple everyday practice of mindfully brushing watercolors across paper can provide both introspection and reflection. Water is a life-giving element and a force that flows with abundance and grace. Water is primal and the key ingredient that allows dry minerals, gemstones, and pigments to dance on the page. Water immerses us into another world and as our senses are adrift, we are able to dream in aqueous vision. 

We connect to our ancestors and the world that they lived in when we contemplate color and make our own individual marks that add to the collective story of humanity. We travel across water in our journeys and cry heartfelt tears in joy and sorrow. Water nourishes and replenishes our physical bodies, and also acts as a soothing audio panacea for our emotional and mental states. 

Here are 6 fluid paints to inspire your personal voyage of art and discovery. Swatched clockwise they are:


Top row // from left to right 

Cerulean, Tidal, Seiche


Bottom row // from left to right

Nereid, TàuCetus  

Named after watery aspects of standing waves, mythical and ocean-bound creatures, as well as a nod to my Vietnamese heritage in the bright turquoise handcrafted wooden boats that bring flowers to market while traveling up and down the river Deltas. I hope that you will love and welcome this new palette of serene and powerful hues into your collection. 



** Please note that our Nereid watercolor is a very intensely saturated paint unlike any of our other greens. This watercolor hue will stain brushes and so we recommend using a separate watercolor brush when painting with it if you would like to prevent it from tinting your favorite brush.


Each curated palette also comes with an exclusive Wildthorne hand letterpressed artisan swatch card that nestles snugly within your watercolor palette ready to be painted by you. Our letterpress cards are crafted one at a time with sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind. The paper is 100% tree-free cotton made locally in the United States as a byproduct of the cotton garment industry. With a soft luxurious and tactile feel to the touch, it is a surface that invites your artistry. 


Our lovely gemstone mineral watercolor paints have a beautiful granulation and can be layered from thick to thin. Artist-grade and lightfast, each pan is hand-poured to exacting traditional recipes and techniques in our studio using the highest quality earth pigments, and natural watercolor binding medium made from distilled water, honey, glycerine, and the sap of acacia trees.



** subject to availability. This item is a pre-order palette and will ship within 5-7 business days (not including holidays and weekends), as each pan of paint will be hand-poured to order especially just for you.  


*** the last photograph in this listing shows a comparison of the Voyager and Ocean Sediment watercolors, please note that this listing is only for one Voyager palette of six half pan watercolors.