Hallowe'en + Limited edition Mineral watercolor palette


Hallowe'en + Limited edition Mineral watercolor palette

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  ++ * A limited quantity of this watercolor palette will be available for purchase on Sunday, October 14th at 9:00 am pst, and a second batch will be listed at 9:00 pm pst.   * Limit one per...Read more


++ * A limited quantity of this watercolor palette will be available for purchase on Sunday, October 14th at 9:00 am pst, and a second batch will be listed at 9:00 pm pst.


* Limit one per person, per household. Due to the rare and limited amount of quantities of this Halloween palette, in fairness to all we ask that you please only purchase one palette. Orders with multiple Halloween palettes purchased will be canceled. Thank you for your kind support. 


:: Hallowe'en ::


The Halloween watercolor palette is a specialty limited edition offering filled with the warm of Autumn and the sparkle of the season, it is a handful of carefully selected colors that radiate in nature's glow. 

Handcrafted from raw earth minerals, crushed Mica and Iron, this palette is a collection of colors that are both grounded and magical. Shown in our cover photo the watercolors listed from the top row left to right are: Rosey Partridge, Pumpkin and Rust, while the bottom row three colors starting from the left are: Gossamer, Candleglow and Dark Iron.


Rosey Patridge is a red iron ochre based watercolor that was wild sourced in California. It is a silieous iron that has been slowly heated for milllions of years in the kiln of the earth, and is hand foraged, and non-refined being simply raw earth transformed by us in our forest studio by patiently being guided through a series of slow crafting steps into a rich and creamy watercolor. Named after the coquettish Katrina Van Tassel, a fictional character in one of my favorite Halloween stories and animated films: Sleepy Hollow. This is a gorgeous shade of red that washes down to a pale pink. 


Pumpkin is a warm ochre whose pigment is originally sourced from France. Like fine mulled spiced cider it has a lovely muted orange hue with brown undertones. Recalling the welcome smiles of jack o lanterns grinning in the night, this hue would be perfect in painting Autumnal landscapes, foliage, and trees.


Rust is an earthy watercolor that contains trace amounts of hematite as a base giving it a signature reddish hue. Deeply saturated in Auburn tones it is a beautiful shade with roots in Italy.


Gossamer is the petite ghost of the palette. Ethereal and shimmering it has a supernatural sparkle. Crafted out of crushed mica it adds a fine delicacy like the lace of spiderwebs draped upon a porch. 


Candleglow is a thick and sparkly metallic gold mica shimmer that shines with bright luster. Recalling the flickering light of candle flame and illuminating the shadows by casting an affectionate circle net of glittery warmth.


Dark Iron is a beloved favorite with its magical and mysterious dark glimmer. Named simply after its origin mineral element, it is the moonlight on bat wings, and the dark inky black of a witch's hat. Dark Iron is the black cat that treads softly in the night and the heavy weighted iron of the cauldron. 


Our rare gemstone mineral watercolor paints have a beautiful granulation and can be layered from thick to thin. Artist grade and lightfast, each pan is hand poured to exacting traditional recipes and techniques in our studio using the highest quality earth pigments, and natural watercolor binding medium made from distilled water, honey, glycerine, and the sap of acacia trees.


Each curated palette also comes with an exclusive Wildthorne hand letterpressed artisan swatch card that nestles snugly within your watercolor palette ready to be painted by you. Our letterpress cards are crafted one at a time with sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind. The paper is 100% tree-free cotton made locally in the United States as a byproduct of the cotton garment industry. With a soft luxurious and tactile feel to the touch, it is a surface that invites your artistry. 


 ** subject to availability. please allow around 5-10 business days for your order to be handcrafted for regular orders.