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Day 4 Art journal challenge - A positive aspects page

Day 4 Art journal challenge - A positive aspects page

I started doing this practice in my own personal journal earlier this year and every night when I sit down and reflect on the positive aspects of my day it helps me to recap what I appreciate most. By writing out and committing on to paper all the things that worked out in my favor (even amid contrast), I am able to adjust my perspective on how the flow of my day went and to keep a balanced view of what is really important in my life.

You can if you wish make this a place for daily gratitudes, or instead just write something pleasant and memorable from your day. Looking back on your journal in the future this becomes a record keeper of the things that you wish to remember most. For instance past entries of mine have included my daughter picking a Dandelion flower for me spontaneously as a gift, or seeing a Great Horned Owl perched on top of our roof. 

Begin today and if you’d like to back fill in starting from the beginning of October like I did you can, if you would just like to start from today’s date that is alright as well. I have set my page up bullet journal style but feel free to illustrate your daily positive aspects, they need not be written if this is more comfortable for you. The only guideline is to only include positive aspects, and they can be as mundane as a stranger allowed you to check out ahead of them in line, or finding a pretty leaf in the field. If you are using a larger notebook and want to fill up the page then list two or more positive aspects that occurred during your day.

I am utilizing a two page spread as I know that I like to write as much as possible for the month. I’ve added to my pages soft puddles of watercolor using hues pulled from our Day 3 project, and have decorated my spread with washi tape, a rubber stamp, wax seal and some dried flowers.

For added interest you can layer in elements of paper ephemera, hand lettering, stickers, sketches and or textiles that invoke feelings of lightness of being and positivity.