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:: Ocean spell :: 


Like the shimmering blue waters of a tranquil sea, a glowing rare Peruvian blue Opal has facets that are seemingly bottomless in its milky Aqua lagoon. Rosy pink Coral is a deep water friend that brings softness and light, while pale stone blue Amazonite rounds, teal Chalcedony, glittering cerulean Apatite, white Buffalo Turquoise and watery Aventurine abound in this jewel strand of ocean fluidity, heart wisdom and openness. 


Peruvian blue Opal is a highly mystical stone of courage and ingenuity. Enhancing one's self esteem and also self-love. This crystal aids in helping to reduce both stress and fatigue, and has a calming and healing energy that envelops the aura. Said to be wonderful in channeling creativity and communication of all types. Peruvian blue Opal also draws friendship to you, and instills joy back into your life. 



Length is approximately 24-26 inches. Please note that there is no clasp, the necklace slips over your head with intention, encircling you in crystalline light, and is strung on professional grade woven steel core wire for durability. 


** As the crystals in this necklace are natural there will be slight variations in colors and surface textures. Also any lines or marks in the crystals are not cracks but are natural inclusions, and are a part of the patterning within the stone. This showcases the crystals inherent beauty as minerals come from the Earth, and are not man made. For more information please visit my policies page. 


This necklace will come beautifully gift wrapped ready to be gifted either as a treat for yourself or another. Please visit my Customer Reviews page for more information. 

Care Instructions: I recommend that this necklace be rinsed in cool water when you would like to clean it, (filtered or rain water is best), and it can be gently blotted to dry. When not being worn I also recommend that you store your necklace in its original box that it was sent in, or a soft black cloth bag to keep out interference from unwanted energies. This necklace should be charged once a month in full moonlight to re-energize and absorb the light and illumination from the moon.


*** Colors of crystals and beads may vary depending on your computer or device screen settings. All of my jewelry is photographed in natural daylight. ***


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