SOLD - Moon Pearl + Natural Freshwater Pearl + Aura Moonstone + Rose de France Amethyst and Rose Quartz necklace

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 :: Moon Pearl  :: 


Lovely and sensuous drips of natural Freshwater pearls in unusual stick forms with thick iridescent pearly nacre are combined with shimmering Aura Moonstone rounds, a faceted Moonstone teardrop and ovals, gorgeous Rose de France Amethyst rondelles, faceted Rose Quartz, and soft lilac and cream satin pearls. Hand beaded on a long strand with matte sugared lilac and translucent lavender seed beads. A soft celebration of spring and gentle illumination, a talisman of feminine inspiration, spirituality and beauty. 


Pearls carry the energy of the Moon, bringing the flowing softness of water and awareness of the Divine Feminine spirit into our auric field. Pearls have also been said to give the wearer a sense of calm centeredness, and to promote faith, loyalty, truth and purity. Long used in many different cultures to help women connect with their inner goddess, it felt both right and timely to create a jewel that supports peaceful inner being and serene beauty.


Moonstone is a crystal known for enhancing intuition, it gently facilitates emotional stability, along with receptivity, and is a talisman for protection during travel. Connected to the moon itself, Moonstone is a Goddess stone that is potent especially at night, and can be worn for ceremonial purposes or for daily wear.


Length of this necklace is long at approximately 30-31" inches, there is no clasp it slips over your head with intention, encircling you in crystalline light, and is strung on professional grade woven steel core wire for durability. 

Please note that this listing is for one 'Moon Pearl' necklace only, the groupings are shown are for layering options. 

Care Instructions: I recommend that this necklace be rinsed in cool water when you would like to clean it, (filtered or rain water is best), and it can be gently blotted to dry. When not being worn I also recommend that you store your necklace in its original box that it was sent in, or a a soft black cloth bag to keep out interference from unwanted energies. This necklace should be charged once a month in full moonlight to re-energize and absorb the light and illumination from the moon.

*** Colors of crystals and beads may vary depending on your computer or device screen settings. All of my jewelry is photographed in natural daylight. ***


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