Circle of Iron - Folkloric iron and leather amulet

$ 48.00


:: Circle of Iron ::


What we choose to encircle, protect and enfold. For those who connect to the olde ways,.. ancient traditions. A folkloric traditional amulet, hand forged in iron and hammered on both steel and Pacific ocean beach rock. Strength, pliancy and protection. Soldered shut in Sterling Silver, and notched four times for the four directions. Suspended on your choice of soft deerskin suede lacing, or vegan black satin cording.


I love the alchemy of working in metal, shaping, cutting, hammering, sawing, sanding and filing. I put my metal pieces through a process (and not an easy one)...trials. I seek to strengthen in, work harden and temper it, it grows more beautiful that way. There are marks on these surfaces, growth notches, indentations from Pacific ocean rock, old hammers, antique stakes, these are not pristine surfaces. Shaped by hand and warmed in the sun outside my Grey Havens studio, absorbing and feeling mist, fog and rain. Handled respectfully, I've run my fingers over these surfaces again and again. They are storytellers, they mirror my experience in a small way. I like textures, tangible warmth, gradients of color, subtle patterning that makes one have to pause and look closer. 


Fabricated entirely by hand from scratch, and built to last for the next seven generations and beyond. Over time the iron may change color and age becoming seasoned with your own personal chemistry. Currently oiled to protect its oxidized finish and sealed with microcrystalline wax. Iron circle is 20m, and the cording is 30 inches so you can knot this amulet high or low. 


You can find the larger version of this amulet here:

** Please note that this amulet is handmade to order just for you. Please visit my policy section for more information on creation and turnaround times. ** 


Care Instructions: This pendant can be gently wiped down with a soft soapy washcloth and blotted dry to preserve its oxidized finish. Please note that iron can rust when exposed to moisture and water, so please dry this piece when its wet. If rust does occur over age and time you may gently scrub the surface with steel wool to remove it. When not being worn I also recommend that you store this necklace in its original box that it was sent in, or a soft black cloth bag to keep out interference from unwanted energies. I recommend that this pendant be charged once a month in full moonlight to re-energize and absorb the light and illumination from the moon.

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