Client reviews

In review of the new watercolor line by Wildthorne I can only say that I am delighted with my new palettes of rich beautiful colors and am so pleased to explore the range. The Vert Turquoise is quite the loveliest color to gaze at. The French Cobalt Blue Primaire is an excellent shade with a tremendous range, and the Indigo is like the deepest nighttime sky. The Prune is deliciously balanced and morphs so nicely when mixed with other colors. In all well done! Thank you so much Kim - I am in love. 

Cherie from NY


Kim is one of the kindest, most hardworking and truly loving humans I've ever met. She has an immense talent for jewel work, a passion for social justice, and there is truly not anyone out there like her. Each jewel I have from her has its own personality, and I use each for different reasons. She takes the utmost care and intent with her work and it shows. 

Alyssa from WA


I received my In Her Light bracelet and it is so so beautiful!!!:-) and delicate...I have a tiny wrist and it feels so light but full of energy. How fitting too that it came yesterday...just in time for the full moon, I left it by the window for the night, this gorgeous little bracelet feels like it will be my lucky little talisman. The photos don't do it's such a beauty, and my little care package was fabulous too! I can feel the care and consideration you put into your creations.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Marney M. from Canada


Dear Kim-

I received my circle amulet today! Simply unwrapping it brought me so much joy, not to mention now wearing your lovely piece. My daughter said the package looked as though it had been wrapped by Fairies and I agreed :) Thank you for the care, creativity and love you put into my delivery. I want you to know it did not go unnoticed.
With much gratitude,

Allison from Canada


Thank you for your continued work and creativity. Your newsletter, and your creations, are both a beautiful break from the larger world, and a shining example of possibilities. I am so grateful for your deeply rooted and quiet leadership.


Sarah from MA 


Thank you SO so much. I haven't received an order that brought a smile to my face as yours did in a significant amount of time. All the thoughtfulness and obvious love you put into the package was so beautiful. As soon as I realized what a treasure it is (beyond the beautiful necklace I ordered) I called over my 4 year old daughter who shared my wonderment at it all. Some things were put on her nature table, some were whisked away by our 10 month old kitten, and some (like the necklace! and tea!) were saved by me. :)

Thank you!
Alicia from OR



I am thrilled!!! with this deeply earth rooted piece, and I can feel the love and blessings you crafted into it. Thank you. 

Dawn from TN


Dear Kim,
Thank you so much for the beautiful necklace, I wear it with joy. The thoughtful packaging was delightful. I loved the tea, the delicate leaves and strings with messages, and the sweet candle. I used it during my meditations. Just lovely. Thanks for your care and divine work.

Big Love and Thanks,

Christen from CA


Dear Kim,

I received safely the beautiful Wildthorne necklace.
I'm in awe with the preciousness and the love it spreads... it feels charged with so much beauty from the packaging to each leaf and stone...
I'm deeply thankful,
Ana from London xxxxx


Wearing my necklace for the first time today... it REALLY is awakening the radiance within me! I truly appreciate all the loving intentions you infuse into each piece of your art....I can FEEL the LOVE when I wear it! Also, opening up your packages is the most incredible experience EVER! I feel like a child discovering golden treasures with each tug of a string...SO fun!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us!



Hi Kim!

I just wanted to send you a thank you for the beautifully wrapped package I received with my necklace! It was so much fun opening everything up. And it smells heavenly! I've saved everything and put into a fun little carved bowel on my dresser I have to help celebrate the season. Thank you for all the wonderful details. Have a wonderful week!

Candace from VA


Hello Kim,

I want to let you know I received my necklace today, and in record time for an international parcel.

And I can't help but thank you again for the care and thought put into the package and all the gifts. Thanks so much! It is so inspiring to me your attention to detail, it feels like a reminder to slow down and take the time to enjoy the small things, be kind, and doing everything wholeheartedly. Your work is a reminder to staying attuned to this.

Thank you again and have a lovely weekend,

Mariana from Brazil



Good Morning Kim:-)

I received my In Her Light bracelet and it is so so beautiful!!!:-) and delicate...I have a tiny wrist and it feels so light but full of energy. How fitting too that it came yesterday...just in time for the full moon, I left it by the window for the night, this gorgeous little bracelet feels like it will be my lucky little talisman. The photos don't do it's such a beauty, and my little care package was fabulous too! I can feel the care and consideration you put into your creations.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Marney M. from Canada


Hello, Kim - I am so sorry to have been so delinquent in writing to let you know that I received me two iron circles, and how much I love them. I put them together, and they work quite well that way. Please allow me to say that I have never in my life received a package that was as beautifully presented - the love and care you put into it was astounding, and i can only imagine that even more love and care goes into the production of your jewelry. I can, in face, feel it in the circles.

Thank you for everything, and I hope to be able to be a repeat customer.

Caren from TX 



Dear Kim,

Where do I begin...? I so delight in receiving the little white box in the mail! It has become an important and luxurious event for me.

Again you don't disappoint. Not only is the main event of the necklace so beautiful and refined, poised if you will but all the other bits are nourishing too. Thank you for your kind and open heart. I'm going to enjoy a cup of your tea.

In love and hope,
Jill from CO


I had to write and thank you for the beautiful necklaces that arrived today!

They have filled my heart with joy, and I feel wonderful wearing them.

The beautiful packaging and little trinkets and flowers included created such a celebration of gorgeousness and deep and touching meaning for what they surrounded that I am still awestruck.

Thank you again

Cherie from NY 


Dearest Kim,

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’… SO much for the beautiful gift of the iron circle amulet that arrived here in Aotearoa, New Zealand late last week. When I opened the parcel I immediately saw that every element of the gift and wrapping had been ceremonially bound with Love, and that overwhelmed me with gratitude and delight. Thank you for giving it with such beauty and heart.

With Love and Gratitude for All that you do, and are, and give,

Stefania from New Zealand 


Dear Kim,

I just received my two latest purchases, and had to tell you how much I love them. For what it's worth, my occupation is a judge, and I wear a black robe (no kidding) but I put my necklaces on each morning. And I know they are there touching my heart and skin during the day. I love to combine these two worlds of mine - or maybe it's just one?

Anyway, thank you -
With much appreciation,
Cindy from CT


Hello Kim,

I so happily received my Garlands of Smoke necklace. I was amazed at its delicacy and it just seems to glow with a warm, supportive light.  In an inauthentic world of flashy imitations you are the genuine article! Thanks again for everything and for the strength and inspiration that your creations bring---

Sally from MD 


Dear Kim,

I wanted to thank you personally and tell how very much I love this Iron Circle amulet. I read the beautiful discription of your life and jewellery on your website.
I grew up close to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, home of the highest tides in the world. There is something about the strength and beauty of this necklace that reminds me of the power and healing grace of the ocean.
I feel very fortunate to have your necklace. I will treasure it.

With gratitude
Tania from Canada


Dear Kim,

I wanted to write to thank you. I love both necklaces so very much. As soon as I put on the large Iron Circle I felt a protective calm come over me. It may be the attachment I had to the necklace before it arrived or the hopes I felt it would carry. They are both so magical. You create beautiful art.

Ona from CA 





I am absolutely in awe of the beautiful necklace you created for me! I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect and more suiting to me specifically. It is exactly what I wanted and more. It gives me a wondrous feeling when I'm wearing it and this piece speaks to me so vividly. I cannot thank you enough for the time and care you put into it. You truly are a magical woman!

Desiree from CA


Dear Kim,

I wanted to let you know that I received my necklace today and am wearing it as I write this message. I love the necklace and am wearing it with my bitter root necklace.
I greatly appreciate your warmth and care in the making of your jewels and just the vibe I get from you in your correspondence. Your care for the indigenous elders and the natural world. I will continue to buy from you whenever I can afford to!



Dearest Kim,

I just wanted to take a moment to offer you my heart felt gratitude. The jewelry you create is so beautiful, comfortable and powerful. I find myself wearing your designs almost exclusively and, at the very least, in addition to any other choices of the day. I don't feel complete unless I have one (or more) of your pieces on. Thank you so much!
A special shout out to you for the absolute perfection of the Big Sur and Dark Galaxy pieces!!! Wow!! Sending you hugs and love for all you do. Much appreciation for sharing the process and intention behind the pieces too.

Bright Blessings,
Denise from GA


Hello Kim,

I have to let you know that I was one of the ones fortunate enough to purchase one of your bitter roots necklaces...Thank you so very much for all the thoughtful love you put into your pieces....the energy it holds is so very powerful, and your craftsmanship is superb.....right down to the gorgeous packaging! Thank you for sharing your creativity and artwork with us!"

Blessed be < 3 - Arien from CA


Hi Kim, 

I have received my gorgeously enchanted necklace today! I am so very happy with it. :)
I have to thank you for the absolute care, love, thought and sincerity that you put into your necklaces and packaging. It was like receiving a little treasure box filled with exquisite little treasures. It was pure joy to open! I felt like I was being transported to your sanctuary...your home, your forest and your sea, where you live and collect all these amazing treasures....Nature and her many blessings. :) I am overwhelmed with gratefulness. Thank you.

Keep shining and sharing your light.

Lots of love and light

Catrina Sims from Bermuda


My circle of iron talisman arrived on this gloriously sunny day, and I am so touched, I had to message you right away. Your heartfelt notes, thank you. I am so touched by your love. The energies and power held in this small and humble creation, is undeniable and moving. It feels like one is harnessing the transmutation of the sea, the expandedness of the spirit realm, and deep roots of the earth, all at once, and in the most profound way possible.

It will never leave my chest, as you never leave my gratitude.
Thank you thank you thank you for this gift. - Jessye Finch from Canada



I received my snowy arctic fox necklace today. I love it! It's so delicate, dainty, beautiful, and fun. It evokes a sense of strength yet maintains a tranquil feel. - @888tko






I received my absolutely, perfectly, beautiful big sur jade necklace today. I truly don't believe I can ever begin to thank you or express adequately how perfect it is. How perfect it all was, the packaging, the moonstone, the beautiful touches of nature, all of it. I can tell you put so much time and loving intention into it. I have had it around my neck since I opened it and can feel its healing energy already.
So truly I can't thank you enough. I will treasure all that you gave me always. I will most certainly be back to purchase many other items from you lovely lady and will send everyone I know to your shop. You have a loyal customer for life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

 - Michelle from OH.



I just wanted you to know that I received my necklace yesterday, and it has exceeded my expectations in every way. I can say without a doubt this was my favourite online shopping experience ever!  Please continue doing the unique work you do because the world needs initiatives such as this. I think handling your business on such a personal level is really inspiring and it shows the amount of love poured into your work.

- M. from Brazil   


Photos can't capture the spellbinding beauty of the package I received today from Wildthorne jewels. It smelled of Northern California fog and cold starry nights.  So much care goes in to her work, from packaging to ever carefully selected bead. - E. 



I adore her artwork. She creates with such spirit. Gifts to the soul. Thank you dear lady. - C.


I received the loveliest of parcels from the magnificent lady Wildthorne today! Truly beyond words. - Jaye