Client Reviews



Kim is one of the kindest, most hardworking and truly loving humans I've ever met. She has an immense talent for jewel work, a passion for social justice, and there is truly not anyone out there like her. Each jewel I have from her has its own personality, and I use each for different reasons. Every piece is made of materials that come from the earth, and their energy resonates with me. I wore a piece of her work to help me when I was in labor with my daughter, so I like to think she's an honorary auntie to my little girl.
She takes the utmost care and intent with her work and it shows. In an age where everything is becoming more commercial, more plasticized and faked...I'm extremely happy to be able to support artisans like Kim, and immensely grateful for the friendship of such a true and kind soul. 

Alyssa from WA



Dear Kim-

My desk is in chaos--beautiful chaos. Full of purple tissue paper, rich-smelling flower specimens from coastal California and little golden paper dots. And laying on top of it all, a new peach quill and hand-beaded necklace with green teardrop. 
And I am on my way to the kitchen now to brew some Good Earth tea. 
This is a sweet rainy Monday afternoon. 
I have conflicting feelings about "stuff"...I fall easily into the vortex of wanting things, and wanting to spend money I don't have on things, and so I admire from afar and say no. But what you've sent me is a sweet rainy Monday afternoon, not just stuff. I feel happy, and deserving, which I feel allowed to enjoy because that's what your photos and gorgeous pieces do, dear Kim. Your package is full of love and kindness and who couldn't receive that and feel all queeny and amazing :-)
See? Your art is not only jewelry--your art is also about putting love out there. At least that's the way I see it.
So, thanks so much. I love the thought and energy that went into both. 
All warm and happy,
Your friend Freyja/Shannon from Canada
Dear Kim,
I got my necklaces on Friday and I wanted to thank you so much--they are beautiful. I was just blown away by the kindness and love and thank you so much for the moonstone and white sapphire necklace. I'm so touched and it means the world to have your support and kindness when I'm starting life in a new home and country (and all the beautiful natural objects are on my altar). Thank you for all the beauty you bring to the world--you inspire me. Lots of love to you and your family, dear lady.
Jessica from Canada


Hope is the thing with feathers...
Oh Kim! My most favorite words. I saw them and knew. Amethyst is my beloved son's birthstone. And birds - glorious, amazing birds! - our young family's immersion into the beauty, science, lore, and symbology of birds over the past two years has enriched and lifted up my life in ways I never knew possible. I saw this listing and my whole body tingled. This was made for me? Thank you beautiful lady. I wear your creations every day - they are my talismans - and everyday I draw on your strength and grace, though we've never even spoken! Just today, I touched the gorgeous emerald diopside necklace that arrived last week and thought of you - and my dust settled, my heart lifted. I feel so much gratitude that you are on this earth creating.

Much love,

Elizabeth from PA


I received my circle amulet today! Simply unwrapping it brought me so much joy, not to mention now wearing your lovely piece. My daughter said the package looked as though it had been wrapped by Fairies and I agreed :) Thank you for the care, creativity and love you put into my delivery. I want you to know it did not go unnoticed.
With much gratitude,

Allison from Canada


Thank you for your continued work and creativity. Your newsletter, and your creations, are both a beautiful break from the larger world, and a shining example of possibilities. I am so grateful for your deeply rooted and quiet leadership.


Sarah from MA 


Thank you SO so much. I haven't received an order that brought a smile to my face as yours did in a significant amount of time. All the thoughtfulness and obvious love you put into the package was so beautiful. As soon as I realized what a treasure it is (beyond the beautiful necklace I ordered) I called over my 4 year old daughter who shared my wonderment at it all. Some things were put on her nature table, some were whisked away by our 10 month old kitten, and some (like the necklace! and tea!) were saved by me. :)

Thank you!
Alicia from OR



I am thrilled!!! with this deeply earth rooted piece, and I can feel the love and blessings you crafted into it. Thank you. 

Dawn from TN


Dear Kim,
Thank you so much for the beautiful necklace, I wear it with joy. The thoughtful packaging was delightful. I loved the tea, the delicate leaves and strings with messages, and the sweet candle. I used it during my meditations. Just lovely. Thanks for your care and divine work.

Big Love and Thanks,

Christen from CA


Dear Kim,

I received safely the beautiful Wildthorne necklace.
I'm in awe with the preciousness and the love it spreads... it feels charged with so much beauty from the packaging to each leaf and stone...
I'm deeply thankful,
Ana from London xxxxx


Wearing my necklace for the first time today... it REALLY is awakening the radiance within me! I truly appreciate all the loving intentions you infuse into each piece of your art....I can FEEL the LOVE when I wear it! Also, opening up your packages is the most incredible experience EVER! I feel like a child discovering golden treasures with each tug of a string...SO fun!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us!



Hey there, Miss Kim - I received my angel crystal today, and she is beautiful! In addition, I have to say, as I think I mentioned before, that your packages are absolutely extraordinary! Your attention to detail and all of the surprises enclosed therein are an absolute wonder. Thank you so very much!

Until my next order,
Caren from Texas


Hi Kim!

I just wanted to send you a thank you for the beautifully wrapped package I received with my necklace! I just got home from a local Renaissance faire, and it was so much fun opening everything up. And it smells heavenly! I've saved everything and put into a fun little carved bowel on my dresser I have to help celebrate the season. Thank you for all the wonderful details. Have a wonderful week!

Candace from VA


Dear Kim,

Wow!!! I received the beautiful iron circle today and I'm just so happy with it.
In addition to this very special piece you gifted me with the most wonderful array of nature gifts,
some of my favorite teas, the lovely cookie and the incense cone! I cannot fully express in words
how much I appreciate these details and I feel such a strong connection with you.
Simply, thank you!
I'll be having the tea for breakfast, and the nature gifts are on my altar right now. I shared the wafer
with my kids after dinner tonight and I placed the wrapping tissue paper in my drawers to enjoy the
marvelous scent a little longer.

This morning a raven flew in front of my car and perched itself on one of the park trees next
to the road I was on so I could see him clearly. I stopped to let him know I had and extended my
Gratitude for the magic message it was bringing.
Needless to say, your package and its contents have definitively brought me blessings and magic!

Let me extend blessings, magic, gratitude, and love to you!
Be well,

Cielo from AZ


Hello Kim,

I want to let you know I received my necklace today, and in record time for an international parcel.

And I can't help but thank you again for the care and thought put into the package and all the gifts, I love the incense, the little amethyst and the little feathers, the mint, the tea and just everything! Thanks so much! It is so inspiring to me your attention to detail, it feels like a reminder to slow down and take the time to enjoy the small things, be kind, and doing everything wholeheartedly. I am a dancer, yogi and aspiring artist, and this concept of paying attention, being present and taking it slowly is a constant in my life. Your work is a reminder to staying attuned to this.

Thank you again and have a lovely weekend,

Mariana from Brazil


Hello lovely Kim, I've rec'd my lovely mini wiconi this evening. Everything in the mail is sooooo wonderful to behold - your handmade and drawn feather and message in a jar card, the extras beautiful gifts of nature, crystals, cutie clam shell, sea glass, incense, sweets, teas, stickers :) smiles and smiles thank you again lovely Kim. I will wear my unique necklace tomorrow.

Light & many blessings!

Tricia from Singapore


You are so otherworldly, my dear friend. Your heart is so shining and
evident in the way you live your life and in your jewels. I don’t like the
word “addictive” because it can feel harsh but that comes to mind when I
think of how your creations are...addictive...all of the love you pour into
them and the thoughtful ways you infuse them with energy, light, and grace. I look forward to ordering from you again soon.


Hillary Rain


Good Morning Kim:-)

I received my In Her Light bracelet and it is so so beautiful!!!:-) and delicate...I have a tiny wrist and it feels so light but full of energy.

And how fitting too that it came yesterday...just in time for the full moon, I left it by the window for the night. Lots of change is happening right now...we are packing and moving in the next few days...uprooting my whole family, furbaby included, and this gorgeous little bracelet feels like it will be my lucky little talisman to help get me through.
The photos don't do it's such a beauty.

And my little care package was fabulous too!:-) so personal and delicious, I can feel the care and consideration you put into your creations.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

With love and inner light,

Marney M. from Canada


Hello, Kim - I am so sorry to have been so delinquent in writing to let you know that I received me two iron circles, and how much I love them. I put them together, and they work quite well that way. Please allow me to say that I have never in my life received a package that was as beautifully presented - the love and care you put into it was astounding, and i can only imagine that even more love and care goes into the production of your jewelry. I can, in face, feel it in the circles.

Thank you for everything, and I hope to be able to be a repeat customer.

Caren from TX 


Hi Kim,

I've been meaning to write you for a few months now and have, for some reason, been putting it off. But, since this month at FGC is all about speaking, I thought it a perfect time to finally write.

Thank you for the obvious love and care you put into each interaction with your customers. From the personal email after ordering, to the stunning packaging, lovely hand written note and nature treasures that await when I open my package, I feel truly seen and cared about. It is obvious that you care deeply about your craft, your offerings and your clients. I always feel as if I'm getting much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry when I order from you.

I fell so in love with the nature gifts from my last order, that I saved every bit I could and made them into a little altar. 

Thank you again for your incredible creations and for the special way in which you offer them to the world.

Kerri Aab from NC



Hello Kim,

I've been meaning to write briefly to you for several weeks now, but my busy schedule and fluctuating health haven't given me much room.

I just wanted to thank you directly for the kindness and love you show and share in your work. I don't wear jewelry very casually--I have never been strong on self-adornment, and now, in my forties, when I choose to wear any jewels, they're on purpose, either for the properties of their materials, their artistic quality, visual statement, or all of those things at once. I'm so drawn to your work and its clear connection to the elements. I'm a more grounded being, wearing necklaces that you made. They also carry the energy of the place you live, that you put in--of a place I used to call home, the Monterey Bay and the Santa Cruz mountains. All of that is life-giving, magical in the real sense. I'm so grateful.

Thank you also for all the wonderful treasures you included with your packages. The shells, incense and dried flowers have decorated my spring altar.

Thanks so much for everything you do. I'm glad women like you are here in the world, sharing your gifts, helping to lift all of us up.

Best wishes,

Anon from OR


Dear Kim,

Where do I begin...? I so delight in receiving the little white box in the mail! I send all the dogs outside and find a sacred place in my home to quietly and slowly settle in to discover what's inside. It has become an important and luxurious event for me.

Again you don't disappoint. Not only is the main event of the necklace so beautiful and refined, poised if you will but all the other bits are nourishing to my nervous system.

I was so touched to open your thank you note accompanied by a beautiful crystal. This is especially meaningful because yesterday my husband and I were outside looking at the white irises that have finally began to blossom when I noticed the citrine crystal that I used to decorate our flower garden was gone. My son has been collecting rocks along the way since he was little and proudly placed them on the rock wall we have outside our front door. I had added several crystals like the one you sent in between the rocks he had found. The crystals were gone too. You can see how your special gift to me means so much. Clearly, my crystals had been stolen and to have one from you replaced give me much hope and makes me think about the power of universal balance. I shall treasure it (and keep it inside from now on). Thank you for your kind and open heart. I'm going to enjoy a cup of your tea.

In love and hope,
Jill from CO


I had to write and thank you for the beautiful necklaces that arrived today!

They have filled my heart with joy, and I feel wonderful wearing them.

The beautiful packaging and little trinkets and flowers included created such a celebration of gorgeousness and deep and touching meaning for what they surrounded that I am still awestruck.

Thank you again

Cherie from NY 


Dearest Kim,

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’… SO much for the beautiful gift of the iron circle amulet that arrived here in Aotearoa, New Zealand late last week.

I had not expected the immensity of the GIFT you choose to give each time you send out your creations… even though I had already felt it in the energy you have woven into your website and through our email exchanges.

When I opened the parcel I immediately saw that every element of the gift and wrapping had been ceremonially bound with Love, and that overwhelmed me with gratitude and delight. Then I saw the bounty within - surrounding the necklace with absolute reverence, care, intention, beauty, and abundance. The air was charged with your care and art - and I felt you working with Nature Herself to co-create this moment of receiving. I was stilled and silenced, awed with the visceral remembrance, an ancient feeling… of ceremony, of ritual, of magic. Of a circle unbroken.

I remembered in that unwrapping and unveiling that as women we have this sacred power - to weave everything we give with a secret and binding LOVE, with the deepest care, the most sacred prayer and, with Nature’s help, an overflowing abundance.

I felt the Goddess energy of the Earth in all her bounty imbuing and pouring through each element - from the mindfully gathered shells to the sacred amethyst double tetrahedron, smoky quartz wand, and tiger’s eye; each wildflower, the rose and rosemary and the fern offering up a scent of Holiness and calling me again to wholeness.

I felt immediately that I had been called back into an ancient ceremony where we give and receive our Mother Earth's gifts, uniquely formed and forged through our own hands. I remembered the ceremony of giving and receiving that we are all called to partake in and offer as our life’s art. And I dropped more deeply into this giving and receiving: always with us, close as breath. As it was in the beginning, and as it will be again - when each of us makes this journey back to dwell fully in our Mama Goddess’s arms and from her gift our own sacred gift.

Then, when I finally unwrapped the necklace the amulet’s power and silver seal honouring the four directions rocked me to the core. Swaying I knew that Here was an ancient Earth connection. Putting it on I felt the initiation. I consciously remembered and rejoined an ancient circle of women of fierce grace and magic - dedicated, with our every gesture, breath and word to restoring the Heaven that is Earth. As it was in the beginning…

For this sacredness, this remembering and rite, and for this Circle I am so grateful to you, Kim. You have made of your life and your work such a Holy Act and a Sacred Art. Thank you for giving it with such beauty and heart.

And yes, I am wearing the Iron Circle in joy and strength. Knowing the strength of the women who walk and dance and divine with me.

With Love and Gratitude for All that you do, and are, and give,

Stefania from New Zealand 


Dear Kim,

I just received my two latest purchases, and had to tell you how much I love them. I am just about to start my meditation, and my altar is full of beautiful treasures, and of course I am adorned with my necklaces.I liked to think of what Carrie Anne wrote about adorning our bodies. For what it's worth, my occupation is a judge, and I wear a black robe (no kidding) but I put my necklaces on each morning. And I know they are there touching my heart and skin during the day. I love to combine these two worlds of mine - or maybe it's just one?

Anyway, thank you -
With much appreciation,
Cindy from CT


Hello Kim,

I so happily received my Garlands of Smoke necklace. I was amazed at its delicacy and it just seems to glow with a warm, supportive light. I really love the striations on the Kyanite, and also the tiny little "stones," which I figured out were the myrrh beads. It's interesting that you describe the bead formations as cairns - I see these more and more in my life, as my mother-in-law instinctively makes these formations and has many of them in her home. The necklace has a lightness to it, not only in weight, but in the way it seems to contain light within it. I so appreciate that it seems especially organically and asymmetrically composed - I really respond to seeing the hand of the artist.

ANYWAY, so happy that my husband has gifted me with one of your necklaces for Mother's Day - the cat is out of the bag because he told me that he wanted to open the package because all of the natural gifts inside - he was so impressed with what was included! We set aside the actual box containing the necklace for the big day, but we couldn't resist opening the crystal and my whole family was amazed! I have always wanted an obsidian for its grounding and protective strength, and this was a perfect specimen with its raw outer surface and the peek at its inky, shiny depths. Of course it is on my altar and I pick it up and handle it daily. :) You have my warm gratitude for this most breathtaking gift!!

So I'm sure you are ramping up for the next iteration of Fierce Grace offerings - be sure to take care of yourself in the flurry of creating & sending - you bring an awful lot of people much joy with your jewels. In an inauthentic world of flashy imitations you are the genuine article! Thanks again for everything and for the strength and inspiration that your creations bring---

Sally from MD 


Dear Kim,

I wanted to thank you personally and tell how very much I love this Iron Circle amulet. I read the beautiful discription of your life and jewellery on your website.
I grew up close to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, home of the highest tides in the world. There is something about the strength and beauty of this necklace that reminds me of the power and healing grace of the ocean.
I feel very fortunate to have your necklace. I will treasure it.

With gratitude
Tania from Canada


Dear Kim,

I wanted to write to thank you. I love both necklaces so very much. As soon as I put on the large Iron Circle I felt a protective calm come over me. It may be the attachment I had to the necklace before it arrived or the hopes I felt it would carry. They are both so magical. You create beautiful art.

Ona from CA 


Hi Kim,

I have just purchased a second necklace from the fierce grace collective. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the way you packaged and presented the first necklace. It was like opening a multi-layered present. I loved the flora and fauna from the west coast and pacific. I live in Washington DC but have relatives in California and have traveled there somewhat frequently. Every time I go, I wonder why I leave :-) as the coast speaks to me.

At any rate, I love the necklace and am wearing it non-stop since I received it. I am looking forward to layering it with your next creation.

All the best,

Karima from Washington, DC




The beautiful, beautiful necklace arrived today and I am just beside myself in awe. Your Rooting In necklace creation is beyond words, so delicate yet oh so wisely strong. I am adorning my neck with it right now, it is just so lovely. Thank you for creating such a bountiful piece of jewelry....I love it!!! I also loved the LOVE you put into the parcel....I was craving rosemary sprigs from the garden and I was tickled to see rosemary safely protecting the bundle of love you thoughtfully placed in the package. After inhaling the beautiful herbs and florals, I then placed the clippings in my meditation cushion...I have one of those meditation cushions that unzips so you can add more hulls to it...well, I fill my meditation with hulls, cedar wood clippings, herbs and flowers...It was so warming to add the herbs and flowers you had tucked in the package....their essence will be a part of my meditation. Thank you. I bow to you, beloved. Cherishing your creative hands. Thank you.

Sat Nam!
Samantha from IL


I am absolutely in awe of the beautiful necklace you created for me! I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect and more suiting to me specifically. It is exactly what I wanted and more. It gives me a wondrous feeling when I'm wearing it and this piece speaks to me so vividly. I cannot thank you enough for the time and care you put into it. You truly are a magical woman!

Blessed be, 
Desiree from CA


Dearest Kim,

I sent you a preview of some photos that I had taken wearing two of your lovely necklaces during the last week of much introspection and clearing... I really wanted to appreciate your work by sharing the images, by connecting myself to the thoughts and calming energy that are brought forth in them. The Smoke Trails and the Aura Triangle Labradorite necklaces both compliment my inner cycle of finding clarity and harmony and I often wear them together. I also wanted to pass along to you the numerous compliments that I have received while wearing your necklaces; truly, I feel this speaks volumes to your careful and mindful process and understanding of energy such that any can be drawn to them as I am. The fury winds have come to a murmur here in San Diego but the intervals of weather have been most welcome, personally. I hope you have a most fulfilling and peacefilled day/week.

~all light~  Ally from CA


Hello Kim!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are having a fabulous new year so far! I just had to drop you a note to tell you that I received your holiday card and I just wanted you to know how much I absolutely love and appreciate it so much! Your water color painting on the envelope and card is just so beautiful! I love your attention to detail, and how you can feel the love, care, and intention into everything you make! I feel so blessed to have found such amazing artists like yourself....each piece, each package is a treat for the soul. Thank you for the kindness and generosity! You are greatly appreciated : )
I look forward to your newsletters, and I very much look forward to hearing more about your visit with your mentor and Medicine Elder. Thank you so very much for sharing! Native American history and wisdom resonate so very deeply with me, I hold them in such high regard and with utmost respect. And I also have to give thanks for you donating a portion of your proceeds to the Adopt a Native Elder program. Your community is blessed to have you!!!

Thank you for being such a lovely, thoughtful artist ♥ the world truly needs more kind souls like yourself.

Many bright blessings to you and your family,


Dearest Kim,

I received my 'Quiet Rain' Necklace today.
The package was put together so beautifully. I am so appreciative on how everything looked. The shells, the leaves, the wrap really made it an experience for me. The touches of sweets that you included into the bundle are so appreciated as well. Thank you for the time you put it this. It really made me feel like I was opening a present.

I am so inspired by your work, being an aspiring jewelry designer /artist myself I notice every detail that is included.
I cannot wait until I get a day job again to make another purchase from you.

Thank you from NYC.

Sending you and yours the very best,
Cindy Mui


Dear Kim,

Receiving a package from you is such a gift!
So special, I set aside, and just savor the sweet energy for when I have time for myself to fully appreciate all the thoughtful details that go into it.
Like every celebration rolled into one --- Magic!

Wishing I had more evocative words to elaborate my appreciation, and less resistance to writing at all...
My first thoughts were how grateful I am to be in a place where I can afford such beautiful things that are so much more than that.
Intention and attention to even simple things.
That speak to me of the love, devotion and honoring of the brief time we are given.
how we use it, what we bring, what we give away, how we leave it.
I really love how you do, and how in sharing the process (you) are inspiring and lifting folks up.
Something i am so down with supporting in this crazy world...

Grateful for your knowledge of the craft, creating combinations that connect, support and protect.
So many amazing bits in each to pause and study.
I take comfort in the ritual.

Thank you for another heart filled and filling newsletter.
With each message, and every shop update, I wonder at your new offerings, and the ways your work evolves.
Knowing that each piece is destined for its perfect home helps keep me in check. Not easy!
I am way excited about the Immram boxes, and I am still searching for the words around the Elder Adoption.
I appreciate the commitment and time it takes to do these things.

Wishing you and your loved ones
Peace and perennial thanksgiving
on this full frosty moon eve,

Kendal from NY


Kim, with so much love and gratitude, I am writing to tell you that I received the package with all its wonderful treasures and caring details. Each component of the package seemed so magical, your generosity, and the time you must have invested in it, is so moving to me.

I can scarcely believe how fortunate I am to be receiving this piece from you. It is so beautiful, and so unique. Your skill, and presence in your craft, the way you place each bead with your intent, and awareness - it's just entirely sublime. I am, perhaps, poor with words - or maybe rendered speechless by the beauty of your work. But I feel your integrity and truth, and I am so grateful to you for sharing it. The necklace radiates energy like crazy. I am totally fascinated by it, and still so stunned by the happy circumstance that brought it into my life. It will be treasured FOREVER, and I mean "family heirloom" treasured - i hope my grandchildren, which are not yet born, will be wearing these necklaces remembering what a tough old bird i was...

Thank you so much for creating and sharing and being. it is inspiring, and all too rare.

The way you are centered in your being is truly admirable. I have learned much from you.

With Gratitude,
Jen from Texas


Dear Kim,

I wanted to let you know that I received my necklace today and am wearing it as I write this message. I love the necklace and am wearing it with my bitter root necklace.
I greatly appreciate your warmth and care in the making of your jewels and just the vibe I get from you in your correspondence. Your care for the indigenous elders and the natural world. I will continue to buy from you whenever I can afford to!



Dearest Kim,

I just wanted to take a moment to offer you my heart felt gratitude. The jewelry you create is so beautiful, comfortable and powerful. I find myself wearing your designs almost exclusively and, at the very least, in addition to any other choices of the day. I don't feel complete unless I have one (or more) of your pieces on. Thank you so much!
A special shout out to you for the absolute perfection of the Big Sur and Dark Galaxy pieces!!! Wow!! Sending you hugs and love for all you do. Much appreciation for sharing the process and intention behind the pieces too.

Bright Blessings,
Denise from GA


Hello Kim,

I have to let you know that I was one of the ones fortunate enough to purchase one of your bitter roots necklaces...Thank you so very much for all the thoughtful love you put into your pieces....the energy it holds is so very powerful, and your craftsmanship is superb.....right down to the gorgeous packaging! Thank you for sharing your creativity and artwork with us!"

Blessed be < 3 - Arien from CA


Hi Kim, 

I have received my gorgeously enchanted necklace today! I am so very happy with it. :)
I have to thank you for the absolute care, love, thought and sincerity that you put into your necklaces and packaging. It was like receiving a little treasure box filled with exquisite little treasures. It was pure joy to open! I felt like I was being transported to your sanctuary...your home, your forest and your sea, where you live and collect all these amazing treasures....Nature and her many blessings. :) I am overwhelmed with gratefulness. Thank you.

Keep shining and sharing your light.

Lots of love and light

Catrina Sims from Bermuda


My circle of iron talisman arrived on this gloriously sunny day, and I am so touched, I had to message you right away. Your heartfelt notes, thank you. I am so touched by your love. The energies and power held in this small and humble creation, is undeniable and moving. It feels like one is harnessing the transmutation of the sea, the expandedness of the spirit realm, and deep roots of the earth, all at once, and in the most profound way possible.

It will never leave my chest, as you never leave my gratitude.
Thank you thank you thank you for this gift. - Jessye Finch from Canada


Last week I was gifted with a newest Wildthorne creation, the 'Crystalline Chariot' strand from my mother. It pairs perfectly with my 'Mystic Rain' strand along with another strand (not pictured) I also had custom made by dearest Kim... Kim's strands are soft and cool as they rest on your neck, yet they are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship that will undoubtedly outlive you regardless of the lifestyle you live. I'm not the most graceful or delicate human and have caught my strands on things numerous occasions, and they are still strong! I started Instagram a little over a year ago and I'm so grateful to have connected with such a talented, intelligent and beautiful woman.  B. from Maine


Dear Kim,

I'm so happy with my necklaces, they are amazing! You picked the perfect crystal for my Mystic Rain strand and you created the most beautiful giftwrapping I have ever seen. Your jewelry are not only works of art - they are medicine. I look forward to wearing more of your creations in the future! - L. from Sweden


I had purchased these amazing ombre rubies but never knew what to do with them. I asked Kim to use them how she was called to create a custom necklace. I could have never imagined how perfect and spot on her creation could be. I'm in awe.... - Katelyn from LA


I received my snowy arctic fox necklace today. I love it! It's so delicate, dainty, beautiful, and fun. It evokes a sense of strength yet maintains a tranquil feel. - @888tko



I recently purchased your Bitter Root (heart length) and shortly after, the Forest Spirit. I wanted to thank you for all the extra neat things you sent with each necklace; it made the process of getting the necklaces as unique as owning theses magical items. The necklaces themselves are amazing; if I follow the loop around it almost seems like each one tells a story about a different place. I have never been the type to wear jewelry but the strands you craft cannot be called "just" jewelry. Again, thank you. - Erik from MD 


Dearest Kim,

I started purchasing your jewellery because I was drawn to your thoughtful and spiritual creative process - And, of course, aesthetically your rustic jewels are so uniquely beautiful and enchanting. I enjoy so much following you on IG, and am grateful that you share such sacred moments about your life. You truly inspire me with your creative abilities, sensitive nature, and openness to share your life with others! - Nicole from Canada


Hello Kim!

I just received the package today!! I was definitely not expecting to get it that quickly!
Opening the package was really like someone said, receiving a gift from a friend. I stared at the little box for quite sometime, I didn't even want to open it yet, and it smelled of roses which by the way is my favorite smell! I hope you don't find it weird but I'm keeping everything!! All the little pieces of nature you put in it! I loved it. I don't have words to say how beautiful the necklaces are, I wore them all day and was really happy! Thank you for your kindness and patience with me. it means a lot to me... - Anne from France



I am so enamored with the Forest Spirit necklace and the energy that emanates from it. I am honored to wear this strand - a wonderfully earthy combination of beads, agate, and quartz, and so airy in weight. Oh, and I adore all of the treasures you included in this package. Everything was just perfect, dear lady, and I could not be more satisfied...I feel such an internal harmony with it and communion with myself and this earth. And, I have, in the past day felt renewed in both my heart and spirit~ how grateful I am for your dedicated consideration and the beauty you impart in this and all you bring forth...all love and light... x Ally from CA


Dear Kim,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the beautiful necklaces that arrived yesterday. They are beyond my expectation and are full of loveliness in so many ways. I really love the information on your website about the crystals and their properties and how you work with them and create these wonderful pieces. They really are filled maybe? Something! I'm a scientist and have a healthy scepticism about many things (hopefully without prejudice?!) but your work is done with such quiet, mindful passion and integrity I do really feel the attachment to the natural world and it's many influences. Your boxes were so beautifully packaged my daughter was wide eyed with wonder and said it was like she and I had been out for a walk- we always collect a few little treasures of fallen lichen, interesting stones and feathers, and seashells at the beach!
... no one can take away the reality of what you make, and if people want to acquire mere trinkets they will be the poorer.
Anyway thank you again and I have felt so moved by these I have just ordered more and will watch for your new work.

Very best wishes,

Charlotte from the U.K.


I received my absolutely, perfectly, beautiful big sur jade necklace today. I truly don't believe I can ever begin to thank you or express adequately how perfect it is. How perfect it all was, the packaging, the moonstone, the beautiful touches of nature, all of it. I can tell you put so much time and loving intention into it. I have had it around my neck since I opened it and can feel its healing energy already.
So truly I can't thank you enough. I will treasure all that you gave me always. I will most certainly be back to purchase many other items from you lovely lady and will send everyone I know to your shop. You have a loyal customer for life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

 - Michelle from OH.


Kim has done it again! I was so pleased with my first necklace from Wildthorne that I couldn't resist picking up this piece as well. This bead strand is absolutely gorgeous and it layers wonderfully with other delicate pendants. It has a lovely mystical vibe and you can tell that a lot of love and care went into its creation. Shipping was very fast and the packaging was stellar; another reviewer commented that receiving a package from this shop is like getting a gift from a friend and I agree completely. Sweets, surprises, gifts from nature, all were included in my parcel, and it made for a very personal, and special shopping experience. This is fast becoming one of my favorite shops and I am sure I will return for more soon. Thanks so much! - E.g. N. from Canada


Kim is a holder of the universal gift, a master of creation; a curator of spirit morphing itself within the physical plane.

Her lyric strands, each a cosmos of bantam spirits that take the form of beads, stones, and gifts from the earth, are all divinely inspired, and are so bewitching that I wouldn’t be surprised if she wove pure magic into the thread that she strings the beads upon.
The beauty, skill, care, and love that Kim pours into every piece she creates is staggering, and is even apparent in the way she wraps each order, a work of art unto it’s own.

I recently commissioned Kim to create two custom strands, giving her no information other than the intention for their purpose. What she created was so extraordinary, so staggeringly perfect, that I was entirely overcome with gratitude.
I truly have no words to fully express how grateful and honoured I am to have Kim, and her work, in my life. Her alchemy of spirit must be experienced in person to be fully experienced.

Jessye Finch -


I just wanted you to know that I received my necklace yesterday, and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.  It is so beautiful and glowy in person, and it definitely carries a mystic feel. It is such a delicate, special tiny jewel.   I really appreciate the care you take with the packaging and all the little treats, I felt like I was receiving a gift from a friend, I absolutely adore everything.  I can say without a doubt this was my favourite online shopping experience ever!  Please continue doing the unique work you do because the world needs initiatives such as this. I think handling your business on such a personal level is really inspiring and it shows the amount of love poured into your work.

- M. from Brazil   


Photos can't capture the spellbinding beauty of the package I received today from Wildthorne jewels. It smelled of Northern California fog and cold starry nights.  So much care goes in to her work, from packaging to ever carefully selected bead. - E. 


I almost cried over their beauty. I know, this sounds sentimental but I was truly moved and in a way that only art can do!  The strands from Wildthorne hold a beautiful energy which I haven't encountered anywhere else! Thank you dear Wildthorne for putting so much care and love in every compostion. - M.


I adore her artwork. She creates with such spirit. Gifts to the soul. Thank you dear lady. - C.


I received the most exquisite package today from Wildthorne! Upon opening the box, I experienced a whirlwind of excitement and intrigue, as I opened tiny sentiments wrapped in delicate tissues and natures creations. One of my favorite details is the tiny bug eyed owl sticker used to tape a tiny treasure.  I couldn't say more nice things about this package and the strand that was encompassed in all the beautiful natural treasures such as a feather, sea grass, and tiny shell from the west coast.  Oh how I'll treasure this delicate strand of beauty and craft you have created Kim!  You are phenomenal!  The labradorite teardrop is so vibrant and otherworldly, I could look into it all day. This picture does not do your work or thoughtfulness behind putting this box together, any justice.  Thank you so much again! I'm a very happy lady with a very divine creation in her possession. - B.


I received two more lyric strands today from the lovely Kim - once you place these strands around your neck you are instantly transported to a beautiful place filled with peace and tranquility.  Kim collects treasures gifted by the sea including this protective hag stone that she gave me with my strands.  My box arrived as a tiny art sculpture with sea feathers, flowers, and even an antique skeleton key tied in with twine.  She sends and shares her soul with each strand.  Thank you Wildthorne. - Terri from NY


These luminous lyric strands are each a masterpiece of beauty, artistry and otherworldly splendor. - S.


Wildthorne beaded lyric strands are so meticulously hand crafted each with the most spiritual significant meaning behind each strand; you truly can not just have one! - T.


I received the loveliest of parcels from the magnificent lady Wildthorne today! Truly beyond words. - Jaye