Client reviews


My Art is for Everyone palette arrived yesterday. I spent at least an hour opening it and relishing every level of your beautiful packaging.  The care you take in making the arrival of your pigments so special is a testament to how much you care about your products and your customers, not to mention a breath of very fresh air in these days of impersonal online shopping.  And now on to what I know is going to be the perfect pleasure of using the palette itself.   - Ruth from CA

Thank you!

One of the happiest mail days ever! Thank you @wildthorne! Everything about this package was glorious...from the lovely fragrant wrappings to the exquisite handmade watercolros. This was like the best birthday present ever! I am thrilled with everything, and chuffed to play with them. I even put some of the packaging into my journal to remember how lovely it all was. @twistshoutblog 


My mimosa palette is here! @wildthorne Kim, the detail in this whole package is amazing! Like it's all so wonderful! You must have spent a long time and it shows how much you love your job and how you like to please your customers! I can't wait to dig in and start creating some magic with these beautiful colors! @thatlushdudejoe 


I wish I could explain the amazing difference in your luscious handmade artisan gemstone and mineral watercolors and the tubed watercolors that I've used for years! I will never go back. @that_owl_woodridgeplace   



I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am after the arrival of your watercolors. I haven’t even opened the paints because I am still not over the packaging and need to photograph it all before digging in to the paints. The care that you took made opening my order a gift in itself and I wanted you to know how special it made me feel to own something that was clearly made with so much love and heart.
I can’t wait to paint with them! 
Thank you so, so much!
Katy from Washington


I've rarely received a package so lovingly and beautifully wrapped. The customer service is above and beyond. And my first impression is WOW. These are highly pigmented with amazing masstone, from full strength, to the palest wash. Beautiful granulation. They wet immediately, are buttery smooth (amazing for hand milled watercolour) and the colors are gorgeous. Thank you so much Kim for your artistry, attention to detail, and making your customers feel special. Beautiful!" - Kateri Ewing


These gemstone and mineral earth pigments from @wildthorne are gorgeous, luminous, luscious perfection. - @whiteapples 


@wildthorne watercolors, I love these mineral pigments so much - they have such delicious texture, and they all mix so beautifully together! They really add another dimension to the beautiful connection when I draw/paint. - @magicwithmellie


In review of the new watercolor line by Wildthorne I can only say that I am delighted with my new palettes of rich beautiful colors and am so pleased to explore the range. The Vert Turquoise is quite the loveliest color to gaze at. The French Cobalt Blue Primaire is an excellent shade with a tremendous range, and the Indigo is like the deepest nighttime sky. The Prune is deliciously balanced and morphs so nicely when mixed with other colors. In all well done! Thank you so much Kim - I am in love. - Cherie from NY