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A shift in the wind - Day 9 through 13 upcoming Art journal prompts

A shift in the wind - Day 9 through 13 upcoming Art journal prompts

We have received notice this evening that due to an upcoming weather storm headed our way and a high risk of wildfires our power may be turned off for up to 5 days. 

In light of this small disruption I wanted to go ahead and share the next series of #wildthorneoctober Art journal prompts with you so that you can still participate daily.

Day 9 - Repurposing, eco-friendly, upcycling and collage. Create a fresh page using found materials in your home, be creative and incorporate packaging, newsprint, happy mail, magazines and even receipts on the page. Add in watercolors for added textures and color. 

Day 10 - Color Mixing. Using your watercolors choose up to three or four different hues, and mix each one together in small ratios to experiment with the wide variety of color blends that you can create. Show your progression in swatches on the page. You can make a rainbow with varying degrees of color saturation, or even paint clouds in each of the colors that you have mixed.

Day 11 - Simple roses, paint a rose on your journal page by using a round brush if you have one and adding in layers of petals, other florals are welcome as well, the rose is a suggestion for those who may be unsure of which flower to choose. Be loose and free in your interpretation as this art journal prompt is meant to be completed within 5 minutes or less.

Day 12 - Warm tones. Let’s explore the value of your art supplies, identify and isolate all the warm colors in your watercolor palette and paint these creatively on the page, you can paint gentle pools of color, wide swatches, or combine them into a landscape, or a variety of objects like cups, or books. Warm tones will have a reddish, orange or yellow undertone in color. 

Day 13 - Intuitive free day, we have made it to the end of the week and for this alignment Sunday feel free to paint whatever you wish or feel drawn to express on the page. Want a little bit of structure? Try painting swirls or overlapping geometric shapes. Use all the colors in your palette that sing to you.

Remember at the end of each daily journal prompt don’t forget to add in a feel good experience from your day to your positive aspects page. Also, it is very important that you tag your posts #wildthorneoctober so that once I am able to return I can see and comment on your posts with thanks and gratitude. Your tagged photos also count as entries into our giveaway at the end of the month.

Be well and safe my friends. I am posting this as a precautionary measure just in case our power goes out, but I will be thinking of you all and will be checking in as soon as I can. For my California neighbors please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Much love,