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A new chapter unfolds

A new chapter unfolds

"I felt it shelter to speak to you." - Emily Dickinson


Welcome to this space of creative shelter where through kinship of ideas and inspiration I will share my art journaling thoughts, habits and daily rituals. This blog is dedicated to those quiet moments often overlooked where there is a quality of presence, belonging and togetherness. By writing down or capturing through photography what anchors me to myself I can better reflect on how I can best engage with and connect to others with thoughtful kind attention and intention. I look forward to collaborating with you by seeing your own personal insights and process on the page with what instills intimacy and connection in your own daily life. 

This is a warm place of inclusion, kindness, abundance, comfort, and mutual respect. Here we celebrate the little things in life that add joy and well being to our days. A rekindling of the values that I hold dear such as consideration, delight and pleasure in our shared experiences, and adding back in contentment and happiness. 

Each moment that is spent engaged in harmonious peace is one that saturates our spirits with inner nourishment. By carving out time to appreciate small gestures of self care through creative exploration, journaling, writing and reflection we begin to live more conscious heart centered lives. 

I invite you to stop by often, pull up a chair, a cozy throw and a warm cup of tea and relax in this space as we gather together. 


Images courtesy of my personal IG blog @snow_thimble and @wildthorne