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Several years ago I was watching a documentary film on Ram Dass and in it, he mentioned how in the past his approach with others was: “How may I help you?” In the later stages of his life, this question would now be transformed to: “How can you help me?”

This discussion made a lasting impression on me, it challenged how society at large perceives dependency and support in our culture. We can never know what goes on in the inner lives of the people that surround us. Extending empathy and compassion to everyone you meet whether in person or online is a selfless act that is greatly appreciated. Pause for a moment and journal about how you may be of service to others? Reflect in gratitude how you have been given the gift of unexpected love or support from another. 

To delve further write or illustrate in your journal how love manifests in your life, love of self, a reverence for nature, the care and affection you give to friends, family, children, or pets. Contemplate if there are expectations tied to these relationships, if so think and examine deeply the root source of these expectations. Detail how you feel and express these emotions on the page creatively by simply writing or with mixed media collage.