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 how long does it take?


a kalpa,  aeons


(kalpa - a cosmic cycle corresponding to a day; divided into four aeons, years, it ends with the pralaya, “dissolution”.)


how long does it take?


My father recently gifted me with some Jacaranda seeds, I watched him retreat on his land into a dense jungle of branches and purple flowers to emerge with some unusual pods that he handed to me through a tangle of leaves. A promise for the future, it will be 5 to 7 years for just one tiny seed to grow into its full height as a tree, and blossom.



how long does it take?


Five years have gone by since I set down my silversmithing, and beading tools when my beloved grandmother and namesake passed. For 1,825 days I have patiently waited and allowed myself to feel, to create naturally, in truth and sincerity. It has not always been easy, I often wondered myself when I would begin again. Since then I have become more self-aware and whenever these feelings of discomfort arise within, I ask myself “What are you rushing towards? For when you rush to receive something, that means that once you have gotten it, you are more likely to rush through it to the next thing.”


After all the events that have happened since last year, I felt a renewal within myself, and so quite naturally I began again, with fresh eyes, rested hands, and a full heart. My jewels have returned and although they are intuitive, much thought was given as to the process, composition, and intention in each piece.





how long does it take?


Every person I have met including myself desires something, a friendship, a goal, an object, the completion of a project, better days ahead, a romantic relationship, maybe even some stationery or watercolors. Our desires and longing are tangible, and if not examined they can consume us. I find it odd that almost no one speaks in truth about this topic, yet it is a condition that every human I know goes through.


In our daily lives, we all are waiting for something, for some of us, it may be for the arrival of an item in the mail, for others it is the return for the impulse to create, it can be the welcoming of a loved one or the feeling of returning to ourselves after experiencing pain or loss. Many creatives seek to find their authentic voice and artistic vision.


It is rare to find answers, and honest answers can be tricky as even silence can be an answer. I try to not overly complicate with words that can throw you off your path so I will say this as simply as possible.


Have hope, and extend to yourself and others some grace. It is in the process of waiting, becoming, patiently knowing that what is meant for you will find you. If you are sincere and open to possibility perhaps what is delivered is not what you were expecting, and in this maybe it is exactly what you are needing. Yes, the process is complex and not easy, I understand fully how trying it can be.


The feelings within can be unsettling, it makes us anxious, uncentered, and unbalanced when we desire. A wise person has said then to choose your desires carefully, for each one is a contract for unhappiness. Maybe instead of focusing on 6 things that you want, narrow it down to just one or two, the ones that are most important to you.


Know that all good things take time, if you were to ask me the exact date of the next Ruby Dahlia Society mailing I will tell you that I don’t know. I create organically, and naturally, in an unforced, unhurried, and intuitive way. Sometimes the work flows swiftly like a river, at other times like with my jewel creations it can take days, or months. But I am always working and searching. I honor the process, and the quality it takes to produce authentic and good creative work. 


It comes down to trust, your own personal trust in knowing that nothing is lacking for you. Everything that is meant for you will be. There is enough pie for all, and you are never missing out.


If it compels you then write and journal honestly about your current desires, and what you wish to receive in your life. Examine these contracts within yourself fully, and maybe find inner solutions as to how you can resolve feelings of discomfort within when you become impatient with a desired arrival or an outcome. A helpful practice would be self-care, go for a walk out in nature, read a good book, dance, listen to music, be present with what you do have in your life that works well for you. Oftentimes when you release the pressure of expectation, that is what gives universal forces the space to have it be delivered to you. 


Use watercolors, gouache, markers, or collage to illustrate your feelings within a journal or canvas. Reflect and write about the emotions that surround your longing.