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Why I am asked are our gemstone watercolors so soft?

How come their colors are not bold and brash like others?


Perhaps strength need not always be loud or intense.

Maybe stability can appear as that which is calm, 

serene in adversity. 


I will always champion that which is quiet and overlooked.


What is the value of humanity for thousands of years 

all over the world welcoming crystals, rocks, and minerals 

into their homes?


Why did our ancestors choose to wear them as amulets

and talismans to adorn their bodies?


Is the pale moonstone, soft nacre of a pearl, or the transparency

of rose quartz, any less lovely than the other vibrant hues 

found in a crayon box?


I personally value diversity, textures, organic shapes.

The odd ones, the eccentrics.  

I appreciate the entire spectrum for it is the contrast that 

allows for creativity to flourish.


Why do I choose to paint and create subtle gemstone hues on a piece of art? Perhaps to lend a specific energy, no different than the colorless Selenite crystal that lives on my desk. Because I enjoy it. 


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